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More people than ever know their HIV status as London hits 90-90-90

New data released from Public Health England marks a turning point in the UK’s fight against HIV after large reductions in new HIV cases in 2016.  The report Towards Elimination of HIV transmission, AIDS and HIV-related deaths in the UK, released today, shows an overall reduction in new cases of HIV by 18% compared to 2015 (6,286 in 2015 to 5,164 in 2016).… Read the rest

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People with HIV can now expect a normal life expectancy

People with HIV can now expect a normal life expectancy

A new paper from medical journal The Lancet has reported that people with HIV diagnosed today can expect the same life expectancy of the general population.   For years now we’ve referred to people living with HIV as having a “near normal” life expectancy, but according to this paper from The Lancet we’ve now reached a point where people with HIV can have an actual normal life expectancy.… Read the rest

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Our Survey Calls For A Reboot in Understanding of HIV

Partnering with beyondpositive, we are today releasing findings which show that HIV-positive individuals and their partners would benefit hugely from greater awareness of the HIV medication’s capacity to reduce transmission of the virus. View The Survey Online | Download the Survey in PDF In a survey of more than two hundred individuals living with the virus, Saving Lives and beyondpositive discovered that more than two thirds of respondents were greatly relieved to discover that individuals on antiretroviral therapy [ART] for their HIV now have a close to zero chance of passing on their infection.… Read the rest

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Positive About HIV: Doctors, Footballers and Communities Unite To Fight Stigma

Saving Lives has been promoting HIV testing in the gay and black communities in its native Birmingham, and reaching out to football clubs across the country to communicate a simple message: HIV testing saves lives, and stigma kills. “The later a person’s HIV is diagnosed, the worse their health can become,” says Dr Steve Taylor, the charity’s Medical Director.… Read the rest

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Positive Ambassadors Support Charity’s Home Testing

A free home testing initiative by Saving Lives, the leading HIV awareness charity, has received the seal of approval from people living with HIV. During this year’s National HIV Testing Week, the charity is employing the power of new technologies to promote greater take-up of HIV testing.… Read the rest

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News Roundup 14-Oct-2016

In the week when the nation was shook by MarmiteGate, a gorilla escaped at London Zoo and Samsung killed it’s flammable phone… Hospitals and GPs failing to test for HIV Experts suggest patients in areas with high rates of HIV ought to be offered a test when they register with a GP or are admitted to hospital.  … Read the rest

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News Roundup 30-Sept-2016

In the week that Italian police found two stolen Van Gogh paintings, Reykjavik decides to turn off the city’s street lights so everyone can enjoy the Northern Lights, and the England football manager resigns after only 67 days…   The Governor of California signs law mandating PrEP education for those who test negative for HIV Jerry Brown, the Govenor of California, has signed a new piece of legislation into law this week.… Read the rest

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News Roundup 23-Sept-2016

In the week that Mary Berry announced she wouldn’t be staying with Great British Bake Off once it moves to Channel 4, Brangelina announced that they were divorcing and we were told that 200bn Daddy Long Legs were on their way to the UK…   HIV Charity Medfash is set to close by the end of the year The charity which supported health professionals, policy makers and organisations working with HIV and people with HIV has said that after 19 years it will close by the end of this year.… Read the rest

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News Roundup 02-Sept-2016

In a week when we lost everyone’s favourite Chocolate Factory owner, Apple was handed a €13bn tax bill, and we were asked to pay the license fee for using the BBC iPlayer… South Africa is to implement a bold new Test & Treat programme Everyone living with HIV, regardless of CD4 count, in South Africa is to be offered immediate HIV treatment under new a Test & Treat programme.… Read the rest

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