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Saving Lives in Positively UK

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In the latest edition of Positively UK magazine, one of the founding directors of Saving Lives, Dan Hartland, writes about public advocacy and disclosure as a kind of activism:

We rely on advocates who are living with HIV to help us devise our messages and communicate the realities of today’s  HIV-positive people. We’ve benefited from the input of some fantastic individuals, who have featured on our website, talked about the importance HIV testing on the radio and appeared in television coverage of our campaigns. What they have said has been brave, eloquent, passionate and inspiring. But it has also been, more than occasionally, delivered on the condition of anonymity as advocates often request that photographs of them, and sometimes even their voice, do not appear anywhere in the campaign materials.

You can read the whole article in PDF format by clicking here, and download the full issue of Positively UK – which is always very much worth a read – here.



The views of our positive advocates are purely personal, and any advice they provide is given for informational purposes only, and in no way constitutes medical advice. Always consult your doctor.

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