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Phil Joins Saving Lives

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We’re proud to announce the addition of another positive advocate – and one with a real talent for expressing himself. Phil’s fantastic new piece for us, about his experience of being diagnosed and then living with HIV, can be read in our Positive People section here. It’s a must read, particularly since Phil’s a great example of how regular testing really can save lives:

I was lucky.  I had been diagnosed within a few weeks of infection.  This meant I had the chance to treat it from the beginning – I could work out how I should deal with the virus; rather than reacting to what the virus tried to do to me.  I could be in control.

I was lucky.  I was told by my (excellent) consultant (at my brilliant HIV clinic) that, at my age, it was recommended to go on medication sooner rather than later.  It was also said that early bombardment of the virus by anti HIV drugs will have huge long term benefits.  I’ve been told that I won’t die of an HIV related condition.  I was undetectable within weeks and my CD4 count is higher than average (higher than average for the whole population – not just those who are HIV positive.)

You can find Phil on Twitter, @gayinmarylebone, and follow his story there. We’re sure there’ll be much more from him on the Saving Lives website, too, so stay tuned …

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