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HIV is a worldwide disease; our response to it needs to be international, too. The focus of Saving Lives is on the UK – it’s where we’re from, and where we know best. Each HIV awareness campaign needs to be finely tuned to the local circumstances with which it must deal; but there are certain general lessons we can share without each other, and in doing so help get further quicker.

Saving Lives already has strong links, for instance, with China. Our base in Birmingham played host to the first high-level contact between the Chinese and British health systems on the subject of HIV, welcoming a delegation from the country’s largest province, Henan, to a meeting designed to establish relationships and begin to share experiences

We believe that this sharing of knowledge can contribute significantly to successful HIV awareness campaigns all over the world; it is only through dialogue that mistakes can be averted on all sides. Saving Lives is therefore dedicated not only to our ongoing links with Henan and China, but to our other international links, including to nations as far apart as South Africa and Canada.

Our own strategies, methods and materials are suited to the UK – to the one in four of those here in this country who have HIV and yet don’t know about it. But we are a proud and enthusiastic member of an international community of those who understand that HIV awareness is key to achieving HIV solutions. Get in touch with us today to learn more, or start a conversation…