FOOD4ARVs is a fundraising arm of Saving Lives that aims to support people living with HIV in the rural communities of Swaziland, a small landlocked country in southern Africa. Swaziland has the highest high rate of HIV in the world, where one in four adults are living with HIV.

FOOD4ARV’S helps fund a nurse led team to provide medical and nutritional support to those with the greatest need. The team travel in a jeep to people with HIV in remote isolated communities. Without this service the disabled and ill would have to walk miles to seek medical help. ARVs (HIV medicines) must be taken on a full stomach, monthly food supplies are provided to ensure people continue to take their HIV medications safely.

With this support we hope that people unwell with HIV can continue to take their medication and become healthy and strong. This will enable them to work again and provide for themselves and their families. This service is in desperate need of our support to continue to serve the ever growing HIV community.

Lets help these people with HIV to live happy healthy lives with their families in their beautiful community.

To donate to FOOD4ARVS please donate to Saving Lives account and add the reference “FOOD4ARVS” to your payment.

For any further information on the project please contact Dr Emma Wallis ( Emma has previously blogged for us from Swaziland, and you can read her posts below.

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