Saving Lives China seeks to tailor HIV awareness messages to the particular needs and requirements of the Chinese environment. The broad challenges faced by China are similar to those we experience in the UK, however: stigma, fear, diagnosing the undiagnosed, and freeing up access to testing. Our methods might change, then, but our broad aims and strategy remain very much the same. We’re extremely excited to have the support of key figures in the third most populous province of China, Henan

Dr Wei Huang

Dr Huang is the Deputy Director of the Provincial Health Bureau of Henan, and supports Saving Lives China in a personal capacity.

Dr Zizhao Li

Dr Li is the Director of the AIDS Control Office within the Provincial Health Bureau of Henan. Dr Li joins Saving Lives China as an ambassador in a personal capacity.

Dr Li McCrae

Director of International Development, Saving Lives Trust | Read More

The Hand-in-Hand Centre

The first wholly government-funded HIV diagnosis, counselling and care centre in China, it is a centre focused on ‘bridging out’ into high risk populations and the general public in China.

To read about the delegation sent by Henan Provincial Health Bureau to Birmingham Heartlands Hospital in summer, 2010 – a project brokered and administered by Saving Lives – you can click here. The British delegation has recently returned from a trip of their own to Henan, at the invitation of Dr Wei Huang. We’ll have more on the exciting developments and opportunities that are resulting from these growing relationships soon.