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HIV Testing Saves Lives – Full Stop

This piece originally appeared at the Huffington Post … This week is National HIV Testing Week, leading up to World Aids Day 2013 on 1 December. The question is, how many of you were aware of this – and what can we do to enhance that awareness?… Read the rest

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Let’s Just Test All Healthcare Professionals and All Patients

This post was originally published at Huffington Post: I write a lot on this blog about attitudes to HIV. In many ways, changing the way in which people think about HIV is now one of the most challenging things we do.… Read the rest

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With Attitudes Like This, Will We Ever Beat HIV?

This piece originally appeared at the Huffington Post … Apologies if this post turns into something of a rant – but I think you’ll soon understand, and hopefully share, my frustration. A week or so ago, I attended a meeting of an ethics committee to discuss an opt-out testing strategy for HIV, Hepatitis-B and Hepatitis-C in the medical admissions unit of my hospital.… Read the rest

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A Cure for HIV: Really?

This week saw clinicians and scientists at the International AIDS Society Conference in Malaysia listen to presentations about two HIV positive patients from Boston treated for cancer who have ceased to take their HIV drugs – and yet in whose blood doctors can no longer detect any virus (a third patient involved in the study sadly died).… Read the rest

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Can Cricket Save India and the Caribbean From HIV?

Originally published at Huffington Post, on thwe topic of Cricket Saving Lives, Jamaica, India and new Ambasador Paul Nixon: Those cricket fans who watched the England versus India Champions Trophy final on sunday may have noticed small slips of red material attached to the players’ arms, or to the sides of their caps.… Read the rest

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Stigma, Complacency and Ignorance in the Fight Against HIV

Originally published at Huffington Post: What a week it has been. We’ve been involved in promoting HIV, Hepatitis-B and Hepatitis-C testing program at Birmingham Pride. We’ve launched a GP testing campaign in Nottingham. And, of course, I’ve been treating patients in the clinic.… Read the rest

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Baby Cured of HIV: Was This a Premature Release?

Originally published at Huffington Post: On Monday 4 March, the world awoke to a media storm: news was buzzing around the world that a Mississippi baby had been cured of HIV. We were soon bombarded with a flurry of media reports about how this case was set to change the HIV treatment paradigm, prevent babies from being infected, and, to quote the principal author of the study, Dr Deborah Persaud, “transform our current treatment practices in newborns worldwide”.… Read the rest

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Why Proposed NHS Reforms May Damage HIV Care

Originally published at Huffington Post: We set up the HIV awareness charity Saving Lives to promote HIV testing and public health. We believe passionately that one in four of those with HIV in the UK not knowing their status is too high a figure, and that public advocacy and awareness-raising can have a positive benefit on the health of us all, and on the perception of HIV more widely.… Read the rest

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Is the UK Ready for HIV Home Testing Kits?

Originally published at Huffington Post: In the course of my medical life, I’ve overheard many people ask their friends the question, “Have you had an HIV test?” “No,” comes the common reply. “I know I should, but I don’t want it on my medical records.… Read the rest

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HIV: Reluctance to Test Versus Saving Lives

Originally published at Huffington Post: I’ve been fortunate enough in my medical career to see real improvements in the treatment options we can offer our HIV positive patients. In the early 1980s we didn’t even have a name for HIV; now we have a wide range of anti-retroviral drugs.… Read the rest

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