New U=U resource empowers patient-doctor conversations

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The Saving Lives charity has released a new resource aimed at empowering patient-doctor conversations around U=U

The charity, who are exhibiting at the British HIV Association (BHIVA) conference in London this week, developed the leaflets and accompanying social media campaign to help both patients and doctors alike discuss the prevention benefits of Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U).

Discussions around the benefits of Treatment as Prevention (TasP) have at times been difficult with some clinicians not wanting to be seen “promoting” higher risk activity or struggling to convey the concept in a way that all patients will understand and accept.

But now, more than thirty years on from the start of the epidemic the science is clear. Someone who is living with HIV who is on treatment, with an undetectable viral load, will not pass HIV on to their sexual partners. That’s a fact.

Our new leaflet explains in easy to understand language the science behind U=U and what it means for them. The leaflet also contains a certificate which patients can complete with their doctor if they wish – recording and celebrating the milestone of becoming undetectable.

Saving Lives’ Medical Director, Doctor Steve Taylor, said:

“You can’t believe the effect this is having in my clinic. This really makes the conversations about U=U that much easier.
It’s a great way of getting vital important U=U information and evidence out there, whilst at the same time acknowledging how well people are doing – it is after all a partnership, and¬†everybody loves a certificate, no matter how old we are.”
Download the leaflet here.
If you’d like assistance in customising the leaflet to better suit your patients and clinic please contact us here


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