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Saving Lives Ambassador Peter Kamara (1957-2013)

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With great sadness we must report that, on Friday 31st May, one of our founding Saving Lives ambassadors, Peter Kamara, died whilst undergoing liver  transplant. We have known Peter since 2006, when he was diagnosed, very late, with both HIV and Hepatitis-B.

Peter responded extremely well to HIV treatment. But unfortunately he was discovered to have a hepato-cellular carcinoma, a common complication of chronic hepatitis-B.  In 2007, however, he was lucky enough to undergo a curative liver transplant.

He decided to become a Saving Lives ambassador to increase awareness of HIV, hepatitis-B and the dangers of late diagnosis. Peter made several radio appearances for the charity and was keen to dispel HIV-related stigma, particularly within the African community.

Unfortunately, in 2011 he experienced a rare and late complication of his liver his transplant (hepatic artery thrombosis), and needed to go onto the liver transplant waiting list for a second time. Throughout this two-year period whilst waiting for a suitable donor, he remained upbeat and dedicated to raising awareness amongst others.

He made two awareness videos for Saving Lives last month, which we will publish shortly as was his wish. We post the third video above in tribute to a brave, passionate and gentle man.

Last week, he was called to hospital for a potentially life-saving second liver transplant. He knew that this would be complex and hazardous. Unfortunately and very sadly, after years of remarkable resilience, he didn’t quite make it this time.

Thank you, Peter, for all your work. We send our deepest condolences to his wife and family.

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