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Our first full year of operating as first a national campaign and then a charity has seen some incredible achievements, and not least of these has been securing such significant brand visibility for our Saving Lives logo and materials.

We’re always seeking to improve, though, and following comments from our advisors and advocates we have made a decision to change our Saving Lives branding in order to remove the inverted HIV Ribbon.

We have always aimed to be fresh, new,  and innovative: our campaign is about achieving positive and far-reaching change in the ways we talk and think about HIV. As part of this progressive vision, we are moving away from the traditional AIDS ribbon, paying homage to what has gone before with the red ‘V’ which emphasises ‘Lives’.

Our strategy is to encourage and enable the wider public to engage better with issues of public healh and HIV, and to do so we want the Saving Lives brand can to become synonymous with positive HIV awareness, acknowledging and respecting – but not dwelling upon – the past.

So without further ado, please welcome our new Saving Lives Logos for 2012! We hope you like it – let us know your thoughts!

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