Everton Ladies Supports Saving Lives

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evertonMany thanks to Everton Ladies Football Club, which has posted a story about the support shown by their players Toni Duggan, Fern Whelan and Rachel Brown-Finnis to Saving Lives. Our current National HIV Testing Week campaign features an Everton Ladies booklet full of images of the players – many thanks to Everton for promoting it.

Toni Duggan, Fern Whelan and Rachel Brown-Finnis are supporting a nationwide campaign to encourage more people to get tested for HIV during National HIV Testing Week.

“Taking an HIV test is the only way to know if you’ve got HIV. Anyone who has had unprotected sex with another person, and hasn’t been tested, can catch HIV. It’s as simple as that.”

“For me it’s all about education – and giving young people the information they need to look after themselves,” she continues. “That’s why Saving Lives is so important – it educates people about HIV.”

You can read the full story here.

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