Emma Brown Joins Saving Lives

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Emma Brown, an exciting new singing talent based in London, has joined Saving Lives as an advocate. The student at Goldsmith’s University of London is a genre-bending artist with a distinctive style and powerful vocals, and is joining Saving Lives in order to help us communicate our messages ever further afield. An artist partial to the odd night out on London’s night-time scene, she’s as aware as anyone of keeping healthy – and staying informed.

She’s joined at Saving Lives by her producer and mentor, Spencer Komodromou. A songwriter for acts such as The Saturdays, Spencer is also an active talent-spotter and eager to help promote Saving Lives any way he can. “One of the main issues with HIV nowadays is the lack of awareness of the disease in younger people,” he says. “I remember the early campaigns and, whilst our ability to treat HIV has moved on considerably, people are still contracting it and we need to make younger people aware that this can be prevented.”

You can read Emma’s biography here, and learn more about Spencer by clicking here.

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