Curtis Davies in the Independent

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There was a great interview with the brilliant Curtis Davies in yesterday’s Independent – you can read it here. It’s wide-ranging and interesting, and includes a mention of Saving Lives and our work:

His involvement in all aspects of St Andrew’s life did not convey the impression that his third Midlands club was a staging post. It was during that chapter that he became involved in the Saving Lives campaign to encourage more people to undergo HIV testing. One in five people afflicted by it do not and the stigma remains a major deterrent to those who could be tested. “Since years ago people have thought it’s the gay disease. It’s not. It is treatable, too,” says Davies, whose association with Birmingham Heartlands Hospital consultant Dr Steve Taylor has made him an articulate champion of that cause. “It’s just trying to get people tested and if they are affected getting them treated as soon as possible.”

Thanks for such a generous shout-out, Curtis! This is exactly how we’ll get the message out there to as many people as possible.

You can download our Hull City Tigers educational booklet here.

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