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On March 30th, 2012, Stiliyan Petrov, Captain of Aston Villa Football Club and Footballing Patron of the UK HIV Charity Saving Lives, was diagnosed with acute leukaemia.

The outpouring of goodwill towards Stiliyan in the days since the announcement have been an excellent reflection of the feelings experienced by those working for and with the charity he has chosen to support.

As the patron of Football Saving Lives, Stiliyan has proven to be a bold and eloquent spokesperson for a charity with a message which has at times been difficult to get heard. Stiliyan was the founding patron of Football Saving Lives, a campaign which aims to educate the general public about HIV and HIV testing, and he has been incredibly supportive, insightful, and generous in spirit throughout his involvement with us.

Saving Lives and all of its trustees, advocates and supporters would in return like to send their sincerest support, and best possible wishes, to Stiliyan and his family at this time.

Dr Steve Taylor, Medical Director of Saving Lives said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Stiliyan, and he makes our aim of trying to normalise HIV testing by raising awareness and combating stigma accessible to the general public. His support has been invaluable, and provides a positive example for fans and other players alike, and I wish him well in the months ahead. Knowing his character, I am confident he will fight and beat this condition.”

Speaking on World AIDS Day last year, Stiliyan Petrov said: “As patron of Football Saving Lives, it is my goal to see a player from every team in the Premier League supporting the charity. In that way, our message about the importance of HIV education and testing could reach literally millions of people”

Fans and well-wishers alike will now be following Stiliyan – and Saving Lives will be at the very forefront of those supporting him in the coming months.

Warwick Juniors show their support for Stiliyan.

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