The Great Saving Lives Bake-Off is simple: find a group of bakers, make some amazingly sweet things … and raise some money for Saving Lives. We like to think of it as having your cake and eating it!

Birmingham Heartlands HIV Service’s Hawthorn House has already joined in, baking some brilliant looking cakes and raising money for Saving Lives in the process. Why not join them? Whether at your workplace, with your friends and family, or amongst one of your community groups,  the Great Saving Lives Bake-Off is all about getting together to have fun for charity.

The easiest way to take part might be to visit our Virgin Money Giving page, click ‘Start Fundraising’ and set up  a ‘personal challenge’ for the bake-off in your area. We suggest you ask all participants to donate £2 or whatever they wish to enter, and then sell the cakes after the contest, donating whatever proceeds you make to the charity.

For more information and help, why not download our fundraising packs?

slbopack bakeofftimetable-thumb
Downloadable Fundraising
The Great Saving Lives
Bake-Off Timetable
slbobunting Saving Lives Bake off Poster Halloween-thumb
Downloadable Print-your-own
Hallowe’en Bake-Off
Saving Lives Bake off Poster Christmas-thumb
Christmas Bake-Off Poster

How It Works

  1. Get together a group of friends, family, colleagues etc and pick a team name.
  2. To enter: Each team member makes an entry donation
  3. See the website to donate.
  4. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or check out the website for this week’s challenge. Get baking!
  5. Use our score card to select your individual winner.
  6. Each week Tweet, Facebook, Instagram or email us your pictures, using the hashtags #Week1 etc.,
    #SavingLivesBakeOff, and #HIVTestingSavesLives
  7. Work with your friends to sell your cakes, use our handy labels and decorations to decorate your venue
  8. Send us a picture of the winning bake in your team for the chance to win one of the coveted Saving Lives Aprons

That’s it! So what are you waiting for? Get baking!