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News Roundup 08-July-2016

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In a week when we finally got to see the Chilcot Report, the Conservative leadership contest continues to rumble on, and the NASA probe Juno enters orbit around Jupiter after a 540 million mile journey…


Researchers aim to create HIV ‘vaccine’ with a ‘therapeutic virus’ (Engadget)

q-100Scientists at the University of Texas think that they may have found a way to disrupt the HIV virus using a “good virus”, that will reduce it’s virulence, and essentially immunise them.  Whilst this is a long way from being put into practise it shows promise for future development.


Prince Harry calls for renewed focus and effort on HIV (Pink News)

prince-harry-birthday-beard-leadPrince Harry, fifth in line to the throne, is following in his mother’s footsteps in continuing her work with HIV & AIDS charities. The Prince recently visited the Mildmay Hospital, a hospital his mother had close links to.

A spokesperson for Kensington Palace said he would continue to have a heavy focus on the issue in future. “Prince Harry will begin a new series of engagements and meetings designed to shine a spotlight on the ongoing need for action in the fight against HIV/AIDS.”


Patent deal in South Africa to lead to cheaper HIV drugs

85376086The Geneva-based Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) announced on Thursday that new generic manufacturing licences for four HIV anti-retrovirals and a Hepatitis C drug had been granted. Greg Perry, Executive Director of MPP, said: “These new sub-licences will secure greater volumes of low-cost medicines for people living with HIV and hepatitis C in low- and middle-income countries‚”



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