5 Things You Can Do To Help This Week

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2015_SAIDO BERAHINO HIVTW copyIt’s National HIV Testing Week, and we’re raising awareness about #HIV – and spreading the word that we should #GetTested.

How can you help? Here are five easy ways to join in our campaign:

1. Please help us spread the word: it helps fight stigma, it raises awareness, it educates – and most of all it can save lives.
2. Take a selfie and put it out there on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram … your choice!

“I’m supporting savinglivesuk.com this #HIVtestweek #HIV #GetTested  @SavingLivesUK @HIVtestUK”

3. Make a pledge to take a friend to get tested.

4. Make a pledge to get yourself tested.
5. Have a look at www.HIVTestUK.com  to see how you can now request a test in the post! We’re making it free for the duration of National HIV Testing Week.

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