Having an STI test can make you nervous, but it is a simple process that helps is diagnose your STI and prescribe the right treatment.

Clinics often test for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV and syphilis all at the same time. This is because some patients can have more than one STI. Depending on your concerns, clinics can also test for other STIs.


Don’t Have Symptoms?

HIV and syphilis tests are blood tests. Don’t worry: the professionals at your local clinic have had lots of practice and training in providing blood tests, and they’re as pain- and stress-free as possible!

The chlamydia and gonorrhoea tests involve a urine sample for men and a self taken vaginal swab for women. A swab is like a cotton bud that is wiped over a given part of the body to collect samples of the patient’s cells.

Do Have Symptoms?

If you are experiencing symptoms, the clinic will need to undertake a genital examination. This may sound uncomfortable, and it’s normal and understandable to feel a little embarrassed. But all doctors and nurses are well trained and have seen it all before! They’ll make you feel as comfortable as possible – and of course everything is confidential.

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