Whether you’re at the athletics track, the tennis court, or the rugby field, we want to be there, too: Sport Saving Lives is about getting our vital public health message out into the nation’s stadiums and sports centres. We want to reach people who might ordinarily not even come into contact with sexual health messages. One in four of those with HIV are unaware they’re infected. We want to find and help them.

Jordana Freemantle, Britain’s Women’s Benchpress Champion and a Sport Saving Lives advocate, puts it best: “The Saving Lives team has a lot of weight on their shoulders. Increasing awareness about HIV testing is so important, and I’m proud to be acting as an advocate for their campaign – and helping to carry that weight.”

This is exactly what Sport Saving Lives is all about: people coming together to communicate an important message. Almost everyone has a favourite sport – and almost anyone could be affected by HIV. Our campaign aims to break down barriers and place sexual health messages where they’ll be heard by all sorts of people, as well as the demographics so often identified as ‘at risk’.

To find out more about our advocates, click the button above. You can read more about our sporting campaigns in our special Football Saving Lives section. We work in partnership with a number of organisations, such as HIV Sport or the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, to bring the best clinical advice to the stadia of the nation.

See you at the game!