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Many of our Positive Ambassadors blog right here on our site, sharing their stories and their thoughts.

People with HIV can now expect a normal life expectancy (5/11/2017)- A new paper from medical journal The Lancet has reported that people with HIV diagnosed today can expect the same life expectancy of the general population.   For years now we’ve referred to people living with HIV as having a “near normal” life expectancy, but according to this paper from The Lancet we’ve now reached […]
News Roundup 14-Oct-2016 (10/14/2016)- In the week when the nation was shook by MarmiteGate, a gorilla escaped at London Zoo and Samsung killed it’s flammable phone… Hospitals and GPs failing to test for HIV Experts suggest patients in areas with high rates of HIV ought to be offered a test when they register with a GP or are admitted […]
News Roundup 30-Sept-2016 (9/30/2016)- In the week that Italian police found two stolen Van Gogh paintings, Reykjavik decides to turn off the city’s street lights so everyone can enjoy the Northern Lights, and the England football manager resigns after only 67 days…   The Governor of California signs law mandating PrEP education for those who test negative for HIV Jerry […]
News Roundup 23-Sept-2016 (9/23/2016)- In the week that Mary Berry announced she wouldn’t be staying with Great British Bake Off once it moves to Channel 4, Brangelina announced that they were divorcing and we were told that 200bn Daddy Long Legs were on their way to the UK…   HIV Charity Medfash is set to close by the end of […]
News Roundup 02-Sept-2016 (9/2/2016)- In a week when we lost everyone’s favourite Chocolate Factory owner, Apple was handed a €13bn tax bill, and we were asked to pay the license fee for using the BBC iPlayer… South Africa is to implement a bold new Test & Treat programme Everyone living with HIV, regardless of CD4 count, in South Africa […]
News Roundup 19-Aug-2016 (8/19/2016)- In a week where Team GB is smashing it at the Olympics and bringing back the gold medals, a naked statue of Donald Trump appeared in San Francisco and Lady Gaga announced her comeback… A Scottish comedian reveals he’s HIV positive Scott Agnew, a gay comedian from Scotland revealed this week that he was living […]
News Roundup 12-Aug-2016 (8/12/2016)- On the week when Team GB were completely smashing it and bringing back the Gold at Rio 2016, a 400 year old shark was found in Greenland and Donald Trump was still saying crazy things…   NHS England launches Public Consultation on PrEP In the past couple of weeks we’ve seen NHS England lose a […]
Ambassador Tom Hayes in the Media (8/3/2016)- Our Positive Ambassador, Tom Hayes, appeared widely in the media yesterday, commenting on the High Court’s decision that the NHS, not local authorities, is responsible for providing PrEP. Tom is also a trustee of the charity. You can listen to his appearances below. BBC Coventry and Warwickshire at 8.20am Free Radio news bulletins] BBC Radio WM at […]
News Roundup 08-July-2016 (7/8/2016)- In a week when we finally got to see the Chilcot Report, the Conservative leadership contest continues to rumble on, and the NASA probe Juno enters orbit around Jupiter after a 540 million mile journey…   Researchers aim to create HIV ‘vaccine’ with a ‘therapeutic virus’ (Engadget) Scientists at the University of Texas think that they may […]
News Roundup 01-July-2016 (7/1/2016)- On a week when the whole of the UK political scene is in turmoil, people are washing off their boots from Glastonbury, and England tumbled out of Euro 2016… Prince Harry joins Coldplay on stage for HIV benefit gig (US Magazine) On Tuesday Prince Harry took to the stage at Kensington Palace to join Coldplay’s […]
HIV News Update 24-Jun-2016 (6/24/2016)- This was the week when the UK voted to leave the European Union, Sonic the Hedgehog turned 25 years old and astronaut Tim Peake returned to Earth from the International Space Station. Meanwhile in the world of HIV… Miss Universe gets an HIV test to promote HIV testing on American HIV Testing Day (Huffington Post) Born […]
My Story: An Update (9/22/2014)- I just thought I would write a quick blog post to update you and my story on here. Well where do I start ?? My viral load is now at 46 and my cd4 count is 646 – it has been amazing to watch how my viral load has been dropping and my CD4 count […]
Treatment as Prevention Part II (4/18/2014)- More from the latest National HIV Nurses Association study day, held on 6th March. The first part of this blog series can be found here. PEP and PrEP: the science behind the strategies Dr Sheena McCormack from the MRC Clinical Trials Unit presented to us on the science behind the PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) and PrEP […]
Treatment as Prevention? Treatment IS Prevention … (4/17/2014)- … though we need a combination strategy. On 6th March I attended the latest study day organised by the National HIV Nurses Association on ‘HIV prevention strategies: The role of the nurse’. The day couldn’t have happened at a more apt time. This is particularly because of the announcement of the interim results from the […]
Saving Lives Photoshoot (2/11/2014)- So Yesterday I went along to meet Adrian from the Medical Illustration department at Heartlands Hospital to do a photo-shoot for the @savinglives campaign to raise awareness and support for people living with and/or effected by HIV. I was a bit nervous to start with but I soon had a big smile on my face […]
Making the most of your healthcare team (12/13/2013)- It’s great to see our positive ambassador, Angelina Namiba, proudly wearing her Saving Lives t-shirt in this post at Speaking Up (the blog of another of our ambassadors, Sylvia Pettreti!): We all have relationships. Those that we choose to be in. Such as relationships with partners, friends, lovers, wives and husbands. Those that we have […]
My First Post… (12/12/2013)- …first of many I hope!! Well I thought it was about time I started to blog some stuff seems the lovely people at Saving Lives have kindly given me this space on their site to air some views, thoughts and feelings. To start with you may have guessed my name is Tyler (very nice to […]
My journey, so far… (6/4/2013)- Let’s start at the beginning. I grew up in rural Worcestershire, the – finishing school in 2002. Now, sex education back in Worcestershire had been patchy (and that’s being polite) – I left school knowing very little about the world of sex, basically all I knew was that sex was for procreation and that giving birth […]
We Can’t Afford to be Afraid of Activism (5/30/2013)- It’s a simple choice for me, I stand up for what I believe in and I’m one of those people who want to get involved in causes that represent my life and who I am as a person, that doesn’t mean I have to become the issues, I’m still me. I can’t stand apathy, I […]
From Diagnosis Onwards: TJ’s First Blog (5/29/2013)- Before I begin this blog, I would just like to highlight how lucky I feel.  Strange, you may think, for someone who’s had my news to feel lucky – but read on and you might understand why. For some time now – around 18 months to 2 years – I’ve been feeling unwell with one […]
Why are less gay and bisexual men using condoms than in 1990? (2/16/2013)- The Health Protection Agency has announced a 26% increase in the number of men who have sex with men (MSM) having sexual intercourse without using condoms. This latest report follows news released last November that record numbers of people in the UK are living with HIV and another report released earlier this year concluded the […]
Hello! (1/17/2011)- Last November I made the decision that after living with HIV for three years I was no longer happy to keep my diagnosis between myself and close family and friends. I struggled with the idea that a positive status should be kept secret, as though it was something to be ashamed of. Speaking out breaks […]