Tony, 63 yrs old

27 years HIV+


1975 met partner Robert (on going)

1985 April tested positive after routine sexual health check, age 36 the same age my grandfather died at war.

Senior Registrar Westminster Hospital advised max 5 years to live, but likely 2 – was told not to inform employer, GP, friends or family!

1986 life continues, friends/former lovers become ill – some die tragically, seriously doubted I would even reach 40! Very concerned my loving parents would outlive me and I would be unable to support them.

1991 father drowned Hove beach doing what he loved

1994 mother died

1999 50th birthday retired by City Corp after 20 years

2001 3 new planning consultancies and professional life continues

2005 Dec 23rd Civil Partnership Chelsea Registry Office

2006 Had declined medication until after contracting HIV and surviving related viral encephalitis and was hospitalised for 2 months… wheelchair bound at first then Mr Zimmer… w-6st.

Now fully mobile and doing well on combination therapy.

2009 3 days before my 60th birthday ‘Rear of the Year’ contest, 1st runner up 11th Jan, a great moral boost!

2011  Now fully mobile and doing well on combination therapy.

2012 blood test… viral load undetectable – CD4 count 420 X 106/L  w10st

2012 13 Feb first encounter with  Edo Zollo and hence this great project.

Tony appears courtesy of Stand Tall, Get Snapped.