I’m Richard, also known as @livingmyposlife on Twitter, at the moment writing anonymously.

I am a 41 year old male who was diagnosed with HIV in October 2011. You may remember Colonel Gadaffi who ruled in Libya for goodness knows how many years. Well, as his life came to an end and he was buried in a hole in the ground, I received a phone call to go and see the doctor.

This site is my way of dealing with some of the emotions that I have been going through and telling of some of the experiences that I am having on my little rollercoaster journey through this thing called life. As HIV is new to me, I felt making a new blog would be a good way of expressing how I feel. The content and feel will hopefully develop over time and encourage you to read and comment.

I hope that it will inform, and hopefully break down a bit of the stigma that people can associate with living with HIV.