Mikey, 24 yrs old

2 years HIV+


March 31st 2010, being diagnosed was actually a big shocker, normally I’d go and get tested regularly for that purpose, but this time it was to check out a mystery lump in my groin. “That lump is benign, it’ll go away, but you are HIV positive” I just said “erm, okay.”

The next day it hit me, I panicked a bit at work and was sent home,  over time I attended my appointments and was generally good, if not a bit self destructive. I reunited with a previous partner, Colin, and eventually entered a civil partnership with him. Being diagnosed positive really stops you from the stereotypical 24 year old gay lifestyle, my workplace has been really good with it and I’m so grateful for that.

I chose the Admiral Duncan for my photo as since being diagnosed, I feel as though I have little in common with people who I used to associate with. HIV has made me grow up, and my priorities aren’t the same anymore.

Mikey appears courtesy of Stand Tall, Get Snapped.