Gemma, 39 yrs old

8 years HIV+


The light keeps shinning!

The light in my life dimmed dramatically on the 19th August 2004. Single, pregnant and scared.

Receiving the ‘’positive’’ results with a room full of medical staff was very overwhelming. From then through to January 2005 the light nearly went out with the news my Son was also positive and was then put into adoption against my wishes.

The fight for me to live and move on and become someone all my children can be proud of carries on.

I am now living for me. I have a wonderful small family and truly amazing family of friends. I am striding into my future with leaps and bounds, sometimes the occasional step sideways, but never for too long.

I am a volunteer receptionist at my local support centre and also co co-ordinator of ‘’Chat n Chill” (our women’s group), I am a member of Pozfem/UK

I believe what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I believe in being open about my HIV and to fight the stigma and discrimination with education and hope.

Gemma appears courtesy of Stand Tall, Get Snapped.