Spencer Komodromou is a producer and songwriter. His song writing has encompassed many influences over the years, drawing from rock, funk, pop and soul to create inspiring tunes with meaning. He has studied guitar and honed his recording skills to produce songs that hold big melodies and solid foundations.

He plays in a powerful rock covers band to keep himself out of trouble at weekends and regularly plays gigs with various outfits and jams with local musicians to keeps his chops up. Spencer is keen to promote music that feels important and engaging.

Being a prolific songwriter, Spencer embraced the opportunity to team up with Emma Brown to get new and fresh tunes with solid roots out to people.

Spencer has recently joined the Music Saving Lives Campaign. Spencer said, “One of the main issues with HIV nowadays is the lack of awareness of the disease in younger people. I remember the early campaigns and, whilst our ability to treat HIV has moved on considerably, people are still contracting it and we need to make younger people aware that this can be prevented.”