Art opens minds and asks big questions.

That’s why it’s a natural ally of reducing stigma and promoting mutual understanding – and why we were proud sponsors of the University of Leeds’ Fine Art Degree Show, 2014. To find out more about the featured works, click the thumbnails below.




Lily Ackroyd-Willoughby Mike Ainsworth Francie Arthur Emma Bakel
Sophie Butler-Manuel Zipporah Chappell Joe Cheetham Poppy Davis
Emma Draffin Natalie Drenth Katie Enright Francesca Glass
Emily Hills Edward Hurst Joe Kiff Maya Laud
Ellie MacGarry Tom McGinn Julia Moscardó i Chàfer Liz Mouncer
Eleni Odysseos Sarah Penhall Ned Pooler Stan Giacomo Quaia
Eloise Raab Tessa Ratuszynska Price Charlie Rogers Emma Thompson
Lea Tiernan Will Turner Laura Zhang Julia Miorin