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“HIV is still out there, though sometimes it seems we talk about it less these days.”

“Saving Lives is about changing that, and getting us all aware of the dangers of HIV – and the benefits of getting tested for it.”

Mick joined up with Saving Lives whilst he was at the helm of Wolverhampton Wanderers between 2006 and 2014. During that period, he took them into the Premiership. As a player, he performed at centre-back for Manchester City, Celtic and Lyon, as well as captaining the Republic of Ireland. He now manages Ipswich Town.

“Making a difference is great, especially when it’s potentially so easy to do,” he says. “All Saving Lives needs to achieve success is for more people to get an HIV test – no hassle, no fuss, just pop in and get it done. I’m happy to be getting that message out there.”

Before managing Wolves, Mick led Milwall, Sunderland and the Republic of Ireland. Wolves’s run of 42 out of 46 games at the top of the table in 2008-09 remains one of his proudest achievements, though!