g_portrait_1024x769 Hughton Norwich

“People diagnosed late with HIV are ten times more likely to die within a year.”

“People on proper HIV treatment can live a nearly normal life expectancy.”

Chris Hughton has had a remarkable career, spending much of his playing career at the Tottenham Hotspur of the 1980s and playing for Northern Ireland as the country’s first mixed-race international. He joined Saving Lives whilst managing Birmingham City FC, leading a club which is one of the proudest in the Midlands.

Saving Lives began life in Birmingham, and so it felt like a natural fit. “Football clubs can make a real difference,” he says, “and I’m proud that both Blues and many of us as inidividuals can help Saving Lives spread what is a really important message.”

Chris coached for many years at Tottenham Hotspur before moving up the ranks at Newcastle United to take his place first as the club’s caretaker manager and then as its full-time gaffer. He took up his position at Birmingham City in June of 2011, being named Championship Manager of the Month in October. He then moved on to Norwich in 2012, leaving that position in 2014. He currently manages Brighton & Hove Albion.