Wolves have provided huge help to Saving Lives, and were the first Premiership Club to pledge their support.

Player Portraits

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Wolves Desktop Wallpaper

We’ve designed some wallpaper for your computer desktop, to mark the great support given to us by Wolverhampton Wanderers – make this your wallpaper, and fly the Wolves and the Saving Lives colours, all at the same time! They’re available in five resolutions for your convenience.

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You can visit Wolverhampton Wanderers’ own site by clicking here

Wolverhampton Wanderers Players Supporting Saving Lives

Mick McCarthy

Mick McCarthy | View Video Interview

“HIV is still out there, though sometimes it seems we talk about it less these days. Saving Lives is about changing that, and getting us all aware of the dangers of HIV – and the benefits of getting tested for it.” | Read more…

Karl Henry | View Video Interview

“When Saving Lives made me aware about the way in which stigma can actively damage peoples’ health – by dissuading them from getting testing, and volunteering to receive treatment, I knew I had to get involved.” Read More …

Kevin Doyle | View Video Interview

“Today, treatment for HIV means that people can live full lives and no longer pass on the infection to others. The only we can ensure that everyone who should be on treatment is on treatment is to make sure more people get tested.” | Read more…

Wayne Hennessey

Wayne Hennessey | View Video Interview

“It’s easier to spot incoming balls than it is to figure out who has HIV. The only way to make sure is to get tested – and with 22,000 people in the UK unaware they have HIV, it’s really important that we do.” | Read more…

Sam Vokes

“The more people who get tested for HIV, the more people will be on treatment for HIV – and the fewer new cases we’ll experience. So I’m happy to help persuade people to take the test, and try and make it as normal as a blood test.” | Read More …

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake

Sylvan plays for Wolverhampton Wanderers, and has joined many of his team mates to be part of our squad, too.

Tony Daley

“You can be diagnosed with HIV and live a perfectly normal, long life. But it’s important that you get it checked out early – if you don’t, that’s when problems could start, and your life span could be shorter than it needs to be.” |Read More …

Matt Murray

Matt Murray | View Video Interview

“The only pair of hands you want to be safer than your goalkeeper’s is your doctor’s. I’m helping Football Saving Lives because I believe in helping those doctors talk to patients.” | Read more.