The results of a study by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the US has found that early drug treatment can prevent onward transmission. Its data was so conclusive that the trial – slated to continue into 2015 – has been halted earlier than planned.… Read the rest

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A paper presented at the annual conference of the British HIV Association a few week ago argued that a number of current clinical guidelines do not support, or actively contradict, specialist HIV clinical recommendations that a wide a range as possible of non-HIV specialists such offer HIV tests to their patients.… Read the rest

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Saving Lives on BBC Radio

Louise and two HIV-positive patient advocates appeared this morning on BBC Radio WM’s Andrew Peach show. You can listen to the segment below, which focuses on the experiences of HIV-positive people today, and on the importance of HIV testing. We’re immensely proud of our patient advocates for coming onto the show with Louise, and want to thank them for their time and courage.… Read the rest

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News from the HPA and NICE

The Chief Executive of one of the UK’s largest Foundation Trusts, and patron of the national “Saving Lives Campaign”, has welcomed the new guidance from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) on HIV testing. Dr Mark Newbold, chief executive of Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, welcomed the new guidelines as “very important”, and said that they “fully support what we have been trying to achieve locally: that is, diagnosing HIV early, when treatment is most effective and we can make a real impact on saving lives”.… Read the rest

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Wolves Versus Villa

The Midlands derby between Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers today will see Saving Lives join forces with Sexual Health Birmingham to deliver a simple message: get tested for HIV (and other Sexually Transmitted Infections), and get the treatment you may need.… Read the rest

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