New Clinical Indicator Leaflets Published

It’s not just the public who need education about HIV, its symptoms, and the importance of testing: at Saving Lives, we’re committed to spreading the word within the clinical community, too. To mark the beginning of this year’s National HIV Testing Week, we have redesigned and reissued out Clinical Inidcator leaflets … And we’re making them free to download!… Read the rest

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Ed Wilkins in Myanmar: Week 18

Time for a bit of history about MAM. Started by a husband-wife doctoring team (Frank Smithuis formerly of MSF and Ni Ni Tun) (right) nearly a decade ago when they took over a closing MSF facility in a desperately poor part of Yangon, it has grown despite numerous obstacles into a slick organisation fulfilling its foundation aim of providing health care to the needy of Myanmar.… Read the rest

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More people than ever know their HIV status as London hits 90-90-90

New data released from Public Health England marks a turning point in the UK’s fight against HIV after large reductions in new HIV cases in 2016.  The report Towards Elimination of HIV transmission, AIDS and HIV-related deaths in the UK, released today, shows an overall reduction in new cases of HIV by 18% compared to 2015 (6,286 in 2015 to 5,164 in 2016).… Read the rest

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Ed Wilkins in Myanmar: Week 18

Now as blog first paragraphs go, what follows would be oddly described in my teenage years and in the company of my long-haired hippy university peers as ‘heavy’, so apologies. But what is happening in Myanmar is just like a sequel in a box-set of ‘life-of-a country’ series.… Read the rest

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Ed Wilkins in Myanmar: Week 17

As any nursery child will proudly inform you, six minus two equals four: and that’s my blog debt to date. And it’s also true that the perennially patient web-keepers who oversee the sites where these embarrassing missives are published are looking elsewhere for someone to take over my role.… Read the rest

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