We all know that the NHS saves lives every day. It’s at the beating heart of British life, and many of the doctors and healthcare professionals associated with this very campaign work tirelessly for it. NHS Saving Lives is our way of giving something back: providing materials, messages and methods to the dedicated sexual health/HIV and health promotion services which operate across the country. For more information on our key messages, statistics and achievements, visit our Campaigns page.

In times of tight NHS budgets, promotional costs are the first to go. But public health campaigns are very often the best way of ensuring that, in the long run, the NHS saves money. For instance, research has shown that, had we prevented last year’s HIV transmissions, the saving for the NHS would have been in the region of £1.1 billion.

At Saving Lives, we’ve developed graphics and booklets which deliver crucial public health messages in accessible ways – and which try to maximise exposure and results. We’re happy to be providing these to a number of NHS organisations across the UK, providing them with the strategies they need to enact great PR campaigns in the local areas which they know best.

This means everything from access to web buttons right through to materials relating to the activity involving our patrons, advocates and other media work. We want to develop a powerful network of dedicated, knowledgeable professionals who are best placed to get the message out to their immediate populations.

Want to join in? Get in touch with us! You can read more about our NHS Saving Lives advocates, and our campaigns, by clicking the buttons in this section.